Camp Blood: The Home Of Jason Voorhees

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Last comments - Struckworld
735 views03/31/11 at 21:39Struckworld: This IS amazing. I especially love young Jason com...
Adam's Homemade Trailer630 views03/12/11 at 19:21Struckworld: fun little film
Jason is Coming by Struckworld540 views01/31/11 at 18:50Struckworld: EXCELLENT!! lol
588 views01/27/11 at 17:58Struckworld: HOTTEST Friday The 13th Actress EVER!!!!!
477 views01/27/11 at 17:58Struckworld: Hey the Twin Towers!!! Whatever happened to those?...
Friday The 13th UnCut HD DVD Still (119).jpg
251 views01/27/11 at 17:54Struckworld: oh kat
Friday The 13th: In 7 Minutes752 views12/27/10 at 22:03Struckworld: Awesome, but they missed some kills most kills fro...
Old Dogs Clip #1382 views11/14/10 at 11:26Struckworld: lol she freaked out like mad
I Love You Beth Cooper.flv
I Love You Beth Cooper Clip372 views11/04/10 at 19:54Struckworld: those stairs looked kinda like the jarvis's ho...
Old Dogs Clip #2381 views11/04/10 at 19:53Struckworld: Part 3 on a flat screen ftw
1244 views09/24/10 at 21:39Struckworld: luv to go swimming there
FvsJ Place Your Bets913 views08/20/10 at 11:53Struckworld: That's a fucking stupid line. Glad this wasn&#...
Pt8 Alternate Ending2417 views08/20/10 at 11:52Struckworld: WTF!?!?!?!?!?
445 views07/21/10 at 12:50Struckworld: ahhh... brings back memories
396 views07/21/10 at 12:48Struckworld: thats bull I didn't get no insert in my dvd :j...
Movie Time Viewer Opinions Part 8467 views07/08/10 at 21:36Struckworld: lol more people liked it better back then, than to...
491 views07/08/10 at 16:15Struckworld: a badass cover for a bad ass movie
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